Achievements & Accolades

HATUA KENYA by Faith Yiamato Sawani

Hatua’s journey over the past 13 years has been nothing short of transformative.  Since its inception, Hatua has dedicated itself to uplifting the most impoverished communities in Nairobi by changing one child’s life at a time through education.  This year, 2024, we celebrate over a decade of impact, and we proudly reflect on the lives we have touched and transformed.

Since 2011, Hatua has positively influenced the lives of more than 466 children (June 2024 figures).  Each of these children represents a family that now holds a beacon of hope, with stories that have changed dramatically due to the dedication and thoughtfulness invested in this program.  Out of these 466 students, 298 are currently pursuing a variety of courses at the university level, while 168 are at a different stages of their high school education.

These children work very hard, with the knowledge that Hatua is about the only shot they have at making their life different.  They diligently make use of every opportunity that comes their way and soldier on.  While I am very proud of all the 298 graduate students at the University, I am especially happy about four students who went above and beyond all our expectations and applied to different universities in the US and Turkey.  We now have lights shining for us at Princeton, Harvard and MIT.  Additionally, one bright student from our very first cohort is now pursuing a PhD at the University of Mississippi while working as a teaching assistant.

Being a part of Hatua fills me with immense pride and joy.  Witnessing the change firsthand, I have seen families move from the depths of the slums to better living conditions.  I have seen families who once had no hope for the future begin to make new plans and dream in ways they never felt possible.  The impact of Hatua extends beyond individual children to entire communities, fostering a culture of education, hope and progress.

This story is a testament to the power of education and the profound difference that consistent effort and commitment can make in the lives of individuals and communities.



Hatua – Uganda has supported 143 students (June 2024 figures).

Hatua’s 1st class of 2016 Scholarships – Full sponsorship includes tuition, books and accommodation:

2 Students awarded scholarships to Makerere University – Kampala
Government Scholarship – Bachelors of Science in Petroleum Geoscience and Production         Government Sports Scholarship – Bachelors of Arts with Education

1 Student awarded scholarship to Kyambogo University – Kampala
 Government Sports Lacrosse Scholarship – Bachelors in Accounting and Finance


Hatua’s 2nd class of 2017 Scholarships – Full sponsorship includes tuition, books and accommodation:

3 Students awarded scholarships to Makerere University – Kampala
Government Sponsorships – Including BA Business Administration,
  Bachelors of Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

HATUA student, Egwedu Jerry, St Mary’s College Kisubi was awarded Best Student Senior 3, 2023 for good performance.  He topped the class with best grades for Term 1 and Term 2.