Loyce Atwine is the local Hatua representative in Kampala; Faith Yiamato Sawani and Pamela Wangeci Gathua are the local Hatua representatives in Nairobi.


Faith Yiamato Sawani

Faith’s Hatua Story: “Hatua is a breath of fresh air for me. I look forward to everyday where I spend time finding ways to nurture Hatua children to be all they can be and more. I look forward to enjoying the many successes that are coming our way as a result of the work we are putting in.

The challenges may be many now, but seeing the lives changing one at a time is enough motivation to keep me going.”


Pamela Wangeci Gathua

Pamela’s Hatua Story: “Working with young people especially from a deprived background has always been my passion. When I learnt about Hatua, I was excited because I saw an opportunity to be involved in empowering young indigent children with brilliant minds to achieve their full potential and have a sense of self-worth.

When Hatua helps these young people to get the best education from the best secondary schools, we are not only enabling them to transform themselves and their communities, but also giving them a voice, space and ability to influence and contribute towards the larger African Renaissance.

I am excited to be part of the Hatua team.”


Loyce Atwine

Loyce’s Hatua Story: “After a beautiful tour around the schools in the Kampala-Uganda slum areas, I had dinner with the Hatua people who asked me if I would like to work with Hatua which I accepted. I started working with the charity as the Kampala representative for the programme.

Over the years that I have worked with Hatua, I have learnt and experienced many new things. The company provides great opportunities to meet different people, play with children, share ideas which have helped me develop different skills. When staff suggest ideas to improve the company, they are welcomed. The work culture is friendly, welcoming to everyone and hardworking. My personal work environment is very rewarding and challenging and I have had lots of opportunities that have benefited my career over the months. I am grateful that Hatua has given the opportunity to disadvantaged children in slum areas, to make their dreams come true. Hatua is a great place to work.”