So far, Hatua has been able to help 162 gifted children from Nairobi’s slums secure secondary school placements. In just two years, we've been able to help 39 kids in Uganda. Many of these kids have moving stories to tell...

Hatua offers hope, not only to the children it sponsors, but to the whole classroom and the wider community. The fact that there are opportunities for talented but very underprivileged children to progress and attend secondary school gives others in the slums the chance to believe that they too can improve their life through education and inspires them to work hard at primary school to improve their own grades. 

Here are a few of our current students: 


Alex comes from Mukuru slums where he lives with his single mother. 

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Christine lives with her two brothers and four sisters in Mathare, one of Kenya’s most deprived slums. 

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Dolphine’s positive outlook on life was sparked by the promise of the Hatua programme. 

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Faith is popularly known as the Hatua musician, gifted with a superb singing voice and a passion for music. 

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Griffins lives in Mukuru slums with his guardian and six siblings.  

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