Hatua updates

In February 2017 a small group of Hatua volunteers travelled to Nairobi to celebrate the Form One selection of deserving kids who had scored well on the 2016 KCPE and been accepted by Hatua. Three new  volunteers along with Michael Lenora teamed up with our two local consultants, Faith Yiamato and Pamela Gathua, to visit all of the Hatua primary schools over the course of the week. Along the way, we received valuable help from new graduates from the "Class of 2020".

Earlier, in December 2016, Michael Lenora visited the Hatua secondary schools and was accompanied by both Faith and Pamela. The final 2017 results were tremendous as the Hatua programme - after many more weeks of hard work by our local representatives! - was able to welcome a grand total of 40 more students in Kenya. This record result (the previous record was 36 for the class of 2022) brings the Hatua Kenya total to 129 students - a fantastic result!

And the good news keeps coming for the Hatua programme. In January 2017, Michael and Damask Smith travelled to Kampala, Uganda to help our local consultant there, Loyce Atwine, to interview students and also to find spots for them in some of Uganda's best secondary schools. The result exceeded all of our expectations as the programme welcomed 26 students - 11 boys, 15 girls - into top schools. We now have students in many great institutions such as St. Mary's Kisubi, Namilyango, Kings College Budo, Namagunga, Nabisunsa, Trinity College and Gayaza. We have had an amazing first two years in Uganda and look forward to many more years of strong growth there as well as Kenya!

The Hatua programme now has 168 active students in our two East Africa countries. 

And there is even more great Hatua news: The graduates from the "Class of 2019" and the "Class of 2020" (we call them by the year they are expected to graduate from university!) have performed spectacularly on their KCSE exams. A total of 30 out of 33 from these first two years of graduates have gained automatic entry into degree programmes in Kenyan universities. This 91% pass rate compares to approximately 15% across all candidates in Kenya!

And in other news, Hatua is celebrating its sixth anniversary this year as the charity was established in 2011. Also, Loyce Atwine (from our Ugandan programme) gave birth on March 7th to a healthy, beautiful baby girl. We are pleased to say both mother and daughter are in wonderful shape!

In July, 2017 Michael Lenora along with Loyce Atwine and three volunteers from Vanquis Bank visited all of the primary and secondary schools in Uganda to celebrate the 26 Form 1 admissions for this year.  The trip was a great success and the performance of the Hatua students has been strong year to date.